It's all lies.
I'm Luke, I'm 20. I'm Welsh

Lead Guitar - The Fear of Being.

I smoke, I drink, I draw, I play guitar, I have tattoo's and I have piercings.

Music•Mountain Dew•Drawing•Guitar

Hard to like, harder to put up with!

What I look like.
Drawings and Doodles.

  • Anonymous asked : What's the dream job that you got?

    I got an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio :)

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  • Anonymous asked : What's the bad shit that happened? :(

    Various things, me and my girlfriend broke up, bike broke down causing me to get soaked by rain, I’m skint and I missed out on my dream job by a few days D:

    But the good thing that happened is I actually got my dream job :D

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  • Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusy.

    Been busy as tits the past few weeks.

    Some baaaad shit happened.

    The one of the best things that could happen, happened.

    Now I have some time off (Already), so I’m going to chill the fuck out, skate, draw, play guitar and eat like fuuuck.

  • s-weet-a-ddiction:

    Tattoo blog! Check it out :)

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  • i-am-not-a-chihuahua:

    Anonymously ask me, “Would you…”

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  • ink-its-art:

    Photography by Marc Gabay 

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  • Lamb of God - Laid to Rest cover.

    I started learning this, liked it, recorded it, only my mother came in half way through to talk about the weather.. Threw me off my game D:

  • Washed the beast today!

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  • colorguardenthusiast:


    Game postponed due to puppies.

    Some of them look so pissed and then you have a few that are like ‘PUPPIES’

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  • peeniece asked : not really a question, just wanted to say you're super cute! i appreciate your taste in music sir!

    Why thank you! :D

  • I’m so bored.

    Fire some questions my way?

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  • upon-the-shores:

    its nearly 4am and im still doing this #dedication 

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